Families with Babies

I was surprised that I had taken / made so many portraits of young families w/ babies still in diapers. For a long time I resisted working w/ babies on the Polaroid 20x24. The camera was too slow and my hand/mind was too slow. But little by little, I got less afraid of those babies. Before each shoot, I worry how the shoot will go. How the baby and I and the parents will do. I meditate and work to stay mellow. I pray. And when the baby and parents come to my studio w/ all the gear that is involved w/ babies these days, I stay as calm as I can.

Babies of course don't know their names and getting them to look at the camera is all up to chance. The 20x24 looks like nothing they have ever seen and if they are looking at ME, they aren't looking at the lens. To me, each picture of a baby looking anywhere near the camera is a miracle. I love howling babies, but i've rarely met a family who wanted to buy a portrait w/ their howling kid. Sleeping maybe. Howling no.

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