Places Named for Photography & Photographers

Rue Daguerre, Paris 75014
Daguerre Volaille Brossard, No.4
Daguerre Volaille  Brossard, No.8
Daguerre Primeurs, No.7
Fruits, legumes frais et primeurs
Daguerre Maree, No.9
Daguerre Crater, the moon
Rue Eugene Atget is in the
13th arrondissement
on your map, it's just southwest
of  Metro CORVISART.
Rue Jacques Henri Lartigue
5th arrondissement, unlisted.
punch in  48 Rue Cardinal Lemoine
The Mairie de Paris bibliotheques,
mediatheques, & bibliotheque litterature policiere.
Next door,  No.52, the Bibliotheque Byzantine.
west of Metro Cardinal Lemoine.
Picture Butte, Alberta
Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah
Weston Beach (Edward Weston)
Point Lobos: Nellie Lake (Nellie Tichenor McGraw)
Fresno: Mt. Adams (Ansel Adams)
Yosemite: Jackson Butte (William Henry Jackson)
Mesa Verde: Mt. Watkins (Carleton Watkins)
Yosemite: Point Thomson (John Thomson)
Kodak, Nevada
Kodak, Kentucky
Kodak, Tennessee
Kodak Gulch, Idaho
Kodak Dam, Montana
Kodak Point, South Dakota
Kodak Peak Mountain, Washington
Kodak Park, Rochester, NY
In Cambridge, MA
Edwin H. Land Boulevard
Formerly Commercial Street
Runs from the O'Brien Highway
to First Street
Land's Rowland Foundation was at No. 100.
For my friend Bruce Cratsley (1944-1998)
a flea market in Manhattan, preferably in the twenties
would be perfect.

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