Links, Not Frivolous:from Elsa. Changes Often.

Here are links to websites I find helpful and/or charming. They are in no particular order:

The Allen Ginsberg Trust set up its official Web site. Lots of Ginsberg arcana and important scholarship.

Club Passim has been around forever and is a great place in Cambridge.

Dr. PH Martin makes the India ink that I use.

I really do look up things on Ask Dr. Weil.

My studio seamless comes from Superior. You wouldn't think quality matters in seamless, but it does.

Maurie Fox-Warren is my Cambridge accountant. He keeps me from bouncing checks.

A chapter on my work and my life is included in Leslie Sills' new book, In Real Life: Six Women Photographers, published by Holiday House. Here are Leslie and me on Here and Now, WBUR, broadcast February 6, 2001. A really wild site, hard to describe, is Survival Research Laboratories.

Errol Morris' site is an essential introduction to his work.

I wouldn't be online if it weren't for Philip Greenspun, who has spun his personal Web site off of

I use Boston Express Delivery for all my pick ups and deliveries.  Of course, this only helps if you live around Boston/Cambridge.

A Zukofsky Gallery is part of the Electronic Poetry Center and includes several of my portraits of LZ.


Molly and Van Wood designed my custom ultraviolet lucite frames and have been making them for me at their company, SmallCorp.,  since 1986.  Eric Harrington, a master framer, taught me how to frame. He set high standards.

My site has been blocked by the  public library in Loudon, VA. The case is MAINSTREAM LOUDON V BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE LOUDOUN COUNTY LIBRARY, dated September 4, 1998.. The plaintiffs, the Washington DC firm of Hogan & Hartson and the People for the American Way complain about the library's use of blocking software that prevents even adults from accessing supposedly sexually oriented material on the web.  The following section is included in that part of the brief that details some of  the items that got blocked by the software and that was/is off-limits for adults in Virginia: 

"Similarly, on December 2, 1997, plaintiff John White was denied access to a number of websites, including Social Support for Young Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals; a website dedicated to Elsa Dorfman, portrait artist; and the Ethical Spectacle in the Rust Library in Leesburg.  Ex.29, White Decl.,par.6. "  I don't know if Mainstream Loudoun WON and if  now my site can be accessed by adults in Virginia public libraries!!

< < -- Chuck Kraemer is a great carpenter and a great filmaker who has won many many Emmys for his TV work. See my section on his short TV films

Friend Andrea Emmons is founding member of

the lites on my wisteria are made by color kinetics:

Bobbie Carrey cabaret web site:

wonderful type site: but i cdnt find Neuland on it anywhere.

A really good site:

If you are ever in a place where Ryan Landr is performing, you've gotta go and see him -- he is fabulous!

here's a font shop that has my favorite: neuland:

I'm also herb crazy:

likewise, great herbs:

Courierwear started in Cambridge - they made the ultimate messinger bags. They are now in VT and only sell online. They are a necessity. -- they also make computer bags and ladies purses.

Save that Stuff -- great Boston Recycling they are really great.

Not your ordinary alarm company -- Shufro. They are a small and personal company. NOT a big corporation.

Ohhhhhhhh -- always keep in mind when you fantasize another kind of life the North Bennett St School

an incredible Japanese portrait photographer -- Manabu Yamanaka

oh - if you live in the Boston area, these are the best people to do your wooden floors: Goddard

Just a great arty website:

Have you ever tried this in your bath? Dr. Singha's Formulations. If not do so! It comes in a yellow and blue box that stands out on the shelf.

This is a weird, but really useful ankle brace made by Malleoloc

Joachim Knill built his OWN camera, he is a mechanical genius as well as a really good artist. Here's his website:

Stephanie Sersich makes amazing jewelery. It is worth doing neck exercises so that you can wear her heavy elaborate bead chains.

If you see a picture of yourself on this page, and you do not want it to be here, contact Elsa immediately.