Black and White

Our house is small and cluttered. Built in 1865 on land that at one time was a campground for soldiers in the Revolutionary War. Now it is scrunched between Harvard and Central Squares, providing quote texture and context for condos and new construction. For tech firms and expanding Harvard and MIT.
There is a cobblestone driveway the width of two sedans and behind it a brick patio that leads to my framing studio. Everything was something else: the studio was concrete brick garages, back in the day when cars were really narrow. The bricks are recycled sidewalk bricks salvaged from our neighborhood. The cobblestones were under Broadway, which is three blocks away. I found them when the city was doing road repair and I was able to convince the road crew to let me buy them. It was one of those lucky things that always happens to other people.

Our house is one room wide and two rooms long, and 3 floors high. It has windows on the side facing south east. And a bay window on first that face south. The house doesnt have great light for a camera w/ tri-x FILM, let alone a camera loaded w/ color film. But I can't resist the visual fun of all the mess. It is like a tangle of riddles and puns. Who is in charge?

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