Me & My Wagon 1973


It's true. I sold my black and white archive pictures at Holyoke Center in Harvard Square from a shopping cart wagon I borrowed from the Beacon St. Somerville Star Market. It was 1972. The Star Market basket had the perfect configuration: A shallow top tray and a very deep bottom tray. Probably to take home big packages of baby diapers and toilet paper and Kleenex. Or six packs of beer.

I charged $2.50 for an archive signed original print!!!! I stayed up all night for weeks printing, trying to guess what wd SELL.???? I put each image in a plastic bag to protect it. I only accepted cash. No checks. No credit cards. I had a ball. I saw all sorts of people: people who I knew well and people I knew in a vague sort of way. It was such fun. There were lots of vendors: selling weed pipes made from plumbing connectors, serapes from Central America, cookies and brownies w/ exotic histories. The police came by every few hours and whisked everyone away. I insisted I was protected by the First Amendment and stood my ground. I even carried a document written by Harvey Silverglate explaining my legal position!!!!

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